First Time Survival Camper

Preparing for an upcoming camp-out can be both fun and exciting, even for starters. The act of assembling the necessary camping supplies itself becomes like a living premonition of the upcoming trip-a sure-fire confirmation that the adventure will push through. If you have been highly anticipating your escapade for the longest time, having the necessary tools and equipment prepared ahead of time can actually make a big difference in your overall enjoyment once you have already set out.

Though your camping checklist will vary depending on the kind of camping trip and the activities that you have planned, you will basically need three major things: shelter, bedding and foodstuff. Shelter will provide you protection from heat, cold, wind and/or precipitation while giving sufficient ventilation; bedding will allow you to comfortably doze off or relax in the outdoor terrains; foodstuff or cooking tools will offer you fun apart from nourishment and survival.

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Survival Kit Preparation Guide

Outdoor enthusiasts face challenging obstacle when trying to prepare for an unfortunate camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing emergency. The variety of disaster situations that can occur to even a seasoned outdoor enthusiast makes it strikingly difficult to prepare essential equipment and supplies for any emergency. Building a survival kit can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. For many, they turn to outdoor supply companies such as to purchase a pre-assembled survival kit. Others choose to put their own together to allow them the flexibility to bring exactly the brands and styles of equipment they prefer. To build a survival kit that will serve the proper purposes, you must first understand the dangerous situations you may face during your outdoor activity and the best ways to protect yourself against them.

Different outdoor sports have the potential to invoke very different challenges that require different survival kit items. Camping or hiking enthusiast must concern themselves with reliable navigation so maps and compasses are very important tools. They will also require light-weight but useful food and water provisions. The hunter, however, must consider protection against potentially dangerous animals as a major concern.

Evaluate the climate and terrain of your target destination. Weather extremes or unexpected terrain changes can catch outdoor enthusiasts off-guard. Hikers traveling through the cool, wet Pacific Northwest can still experience heat exhaustion, especially in the summer, just as desert campers can easily freeze at night despite the daytime heat.

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Outdoor Survival Gear for Camping Trips

The survival campers come equipped with the essential camping gear which they will require during their trip whereas recreational travelers how travel vehicles have more equipment with them as they can easily carry the load on their vehicles and they come fully equipped with their electricity, a heating system and some furniture. Your camping trip is a combination of many recreational activities like hiking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing for food.

A Checklist of the Essential Amenities:
Food is an essential part of life and you always need to carry it even if your are planning to catch fish and cook it over a campfire as this way you will have food with you if you are unable to catch fish.

You should always carry water as it is the ultimate beverage that is necessary for keeping you hydrated and water purification products that make the stream water safe for drinking. Water is simply indispensable as you will require it for cooking washing and even drinking. And you also need to carry water with you when you go for a hiking or adventure trip. You can easily carry all your bare essentials in your backpack which will be easy and convenient for you as your backpack will help to shoulder your burden. Some backpacks also have an in built hydration system which makes pure water easily accessible.

Camping tents provide you shelter and warmth for the unpredictable climatic conditions and you can even use sleeping bags as these sleeping bags can keep you warm and protected.

You should also take the proper clothing according to the weather of the camping site you plan to stay in as you need to protect yourself from the harsh weather conditions and need the energy to participate in the recreational activities in and around the camp. Plus extra clothing always comes in handy on your camping trip as you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

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